The building and interior of the hall "Na Marjánce"

How to get here?
Map + GPS coordinates here.
MHD Tram, line no. 22 and 25, Marjánka stop.
Parking: The property is located directly on the main street of Bělohorská (white zone)
Recommended hotels:
Hotel Adalbert - Břevnov Monastery, Markétska 1, Prague 6 - Brevnov (info here)

Hotel Wilhelm - Hošťálkova 499/4, Prague 6 - Břevnov (info here)

Hotel Marketa - Na Petynce 45, Prague 6 - Brevnov (info here)

Hotel Pyramida - Bělohorská 24, Prague 6 - Břevnov (info here)

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